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Being Publitarian 

Ever feel like Ted Cruz or Gary Johnson just miss the mark? Tired of absolute statements you don't agree with in total. Well your not a Libertarian if you think tariffs may be the best course of action. Hate war? Well Republicans hate you then. So where are you? Not into identity politics and authoritarian methods? Then the Dems have no use for you. What are you then? Welcome to being a Publitarian. Stuck somewhere in a lonely void of pragmatism and open mindedness. Don't worry, you're not alone. I are here for you. 


As a Publitarian, one does not have the patience for the blinders of a rigid ideology. One must seek out the truth. That's actually how you got to this point. Whether a Republican, a Libertarian, a Democrat or a Socialist, you came to a point where one perspective just didn't cut the mustard. So you ended up somewhere in the wilderness of independent thought. Unwilling to subscribe to the orthodoxy of one myopic perspective or ascribe a false conclusion to an issue just because the sway of your party. Well, welcome, comrade freeman. We are the Publitarians who prefer truth to assumption, who demand facts over feelings and want efficacy over self righteous validation. We want, we need, we demand the truth! Even if it hurts our pride, challenges our preconceptions or disproves our very beliefs, we know that the truth is the only path to true freedom. 

Pillar 2:Common Sense

Now once one has learned to pursue the truth over confirmation and congratulations, what is he or she to do with it? Well, a dose of common sense goes a long way. If you have the answer to a problem but no way to put it in to action, what good is that knowledge? This means embracing the unpleasantries of implementing the plans that come from finding honest answers. They are not always rosy and nice. Rainbows are a trick the light plays but they don't actually do any tangible good. They let us know the storm is over which we already probably deduced from the lack of rain. Rainbows are nice but tires with good traction and a damn umbrella are better. The point is, it's not the pretty shiny things but the dirty wet things that actually do the hard work. Enforcing a border isn't the utopian ideal of everyone having everything they want. Yet humans are crappy and protecting the people in a country is a government's job. So guess what? We need a border that allows for a safe and protected citizenry that has agreed to our way of life. That's common sense. It may not be pretty but it protects us and gives us the best life possible. We can let other people in too. They just have to go through a process and agree to our way of life and adopt our values. An open border does not accomplish that. That's just one example of Common Sense…

Pillar 3: Awesomeness

Now, we've covered the serious stuff. Finding the truth and using common sense to implement it is some serious and dire business at times. That's why we have to be awesome while doing it. That means sharing dank memes, making offensive jokes that are hilarious because stereotypes happen for a reason, shredding the guitar and screaming our favorite bands lyrics so off key Ben Franklin discovers lighting again, drinking booze and cooking up some damn steaks and enjoying this wonderful life. Laugh at yourself and have a good time or you'll end up selling BS mid-interview like a diminutive fast talker and taking yourself way too seriously. Let your hair down and smile because you ARE the all singing, all dancing crap of the world- a Publitarian.